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PRE-BOOKED SAMPLES  - 2020/2021   Only samples that are pre-booked will be accepted for analysis.  This booking applies especially to water samples.

Soil samples received Monday to Friday one week will be dried over the weekend and processed on Monday and Tuesday of the following week. Reports will be generated and emailed on the Wednesday.

All samples must be packaged, labelled and dispatched according to protocols.  In the case of water samples, strict container and time limits may apply - please examine protocol for details  - click here for SOIL SAMPLE SUBMISSION PROTOCOL and WATER SAMPLE SUBMISSION PROTOCOL

Follow this link for on-site wastewater systems and soil absorption areas


Lanfax Laboratories - an independent, commercial and research organisation with special interests in soil, water and wastewater analysis. The modern laboratory facilities are operated as support to professional scientists and engineers consulting in those same disciplines, and provide a research component for investigations into water, wastewater and soils projects.

Mission Statement 
Lanfax Laboratories aim to provide accurate, timely and cost effective sample collection, monitoring, analysis and interpretation of water, soil and wastes to all sectors of the community. The long term goal is to maintain professional expertise and proficiency in waste analysis, monitoring and environmental engineering programs.

Quality Management Systems
Since 1995 Lanfax Laboratories has successfully participated in soil proficiency programs with the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) for a range of soil tests. The completion of the Soil Quality Assurance Programs (a program required by NATA as the proficiency program for soils in Australia) is one of continuing quality assurance. The most recent proficiency program was completed in September 2016.

During the period March 1998 and October 2007, Lanfax Laboratories took part in proficiency testing with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in a range of parameters associated with water quality. The proficiency program was used to fine tune the analytical procedures and documentation of acceptable analytical methods with quality outcomes.  Those procedures are maintained and fine tuned as required.

Lanfax Laboratories no longer undertakes acid sulphate soil analyses. As our client base is more closely associated with the New England Tablelands than the coastal fringe, there are few requests for acid sulphate soil tests.  If the reader has need for such determinations, large laboratories on the coast or in capital cities can provide those services.

Septic Tank Effluent Management
Lanfax Laboratories has significant experience with the design and operation of septic tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems and other on-site domestic wastewater systems.  Lanfax Laboratories has represented developers and councils in the Land & Environment Court in matters relating to on-site effluent management, and prepared documents for NSW Department of Local Government.

Lanfax Laboratories has staff available to undertake on-site inspections for septic tank effluent disposal, to design on-site systems and maintenance programs, and undertake regular monitoring programs to meet your local requirements.  Through its own laboratories, Lanfax Laboratories is able to provide all soil and water related analyses and assessments. See SEPTIC TANK pages for more information.

GREYWATER - SEE the many pages under "Laundry"
Greywater and domestic reuse:  Since the 2018/19 drought conditions, many homeowners are continuing to use their laundry and bath water on their gardens and landscaped areas. Lanfax Laboratories has several professional papers, freely available on this site, which address the impact of various chemicals, and water itself on the chemistry of domestic wastewater.  Check out under publications and follow the links to the most appropriate papers. (double click here to get to publications page)

Lanfax Laboratories has, since 1987, regularly tested and reported on liquid and powder laundry detergents as an independent agent. Products are purchased through supermarkets and sourced from boutique manufacturers, analysed in accordance with 21st Edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater (APHA 2005) and presented as comparative data at "LAUNDRY" on this website. The last extensive comparative analysis was performed in 2009.  Many of the products tested at that time have changed formulations, the principles of understanding the impact of phosphorus and sodium salts on the soil remains the same.  When in doubt, "no added phosphorus (NP)" detergents are an ideal choice and for some soils where very low sodium is important, liquid detergents may be an ideal choice.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:    Lanfax Labs will no longer provide analysis and assessment of products for either greywater or laundry water testing. The information currently on this website relates to testing performed in 2009 and has NOT been updated. The numerous pages on laundry and greywater will remain for information only.

Environmental Engineering
Lanfax Laboratories can provide environmental engineering expertise and technical support for environmental projects, ISO 14000 environmental management plans and audits, life cycle analysis and land capability assessment.

Commercial Analytical and Research Services
Lanfax Laboratories analyses water, wastewater, soil, plant and manure samples commercial premises, where these wastes are disposed of on land.

Lanfax Laboratories - undertake monthly analyses for four municipal wastewater treatment systems, reporting to the local council and preparing document for licensing reporting. Typical tests include faecal coliforms, Total Oil and Grease (TOG), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5) and other physico-chemical analyses, as required.

Lanfax Laboratories provides on-going assessment of the environmental monitoring of three municipal sewage treatment works, assessing and reporting data in compliance with EPA licensing.

Lanfax Laboratories provide soil, water, groundwater, wastewater and microbiological tests for private clients with interpretation of data and advice for meets specific requirements. 

Data from soil, water and wastewater samples collected and analysed by Lanfax Laboratories have been accepted as evidence by the courts over many years.

Education and Training Programs
Numerous professional papers have been published from Lanfax Laboratories’ unique research in many areas of soil, water and wastewater management (see Publications).

Through its own initiatives, Lanfax Laboratories was the coordinator of biennial International On-site Conferences held in Armidale NSW. These conferences, commenced in 1999 attract professionals from overseas and across Australia. Abstracts for the conferences are linked to this website. The last conference was On-site '07, held in Armidale September 2007.

Research programs
Lanfax Laboratories have been involved with a variety of research projects including:

bulletresearch projects into the use of Australian and New Zealand peats for the treatment of domestic sewage, recent paper presented in Nelson, NZ March 2006: other papers on peat available on website.
bulleton-going assessment of household chemical contributions to domestic wastewater treatment and disposal, effluent from sewage treatment plants and analysis of a range of household chemicals. Information on a range of laundry detergents available on the website.  See under "Laundry"THIS RESEARCH HAS BEEN TERMINATED
bulletresearch into the effects of wastewater on the hydraulic conductivity on a range of Australian soils (paper presented to conference in USA, 1997), this research is on-going.
bulletresearch, in association with Armidale Regional Council, into the sustainable reuse of sewage effluent and biosolids in agricultural enterprises. This work is on-going.
bulletnumerous professional papers have been published from Lanfax Laboratories’ unique research in many areas of soil, water and wastewater management. (These papers can be accessed through the "Publications" section of this web site.)

On-going Commitment to Improvement The program of accreditation is on-going, in line with the quality assurance program. Our modern laboratories have the blend of skills and equipment to meet routine analyses and specialist research interests. 

Upgrading technical skills of the staff and improving scientific instrumentation is an on-going program towards maintaining modern, competent analytical and research laboratories.

An iCAP 7400 Inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES) permits the determination of a range of elements in the micrograms per litre range. This instrument is dual view, working in both axial and radial modes.   The latest software ensures instrument stability, optimised plasma and operating conditions.

A Metrohm Ion Chromatograph with autosampler is routine used to assess anions in our waters analysis program.

Numerous professional papers on:
Salinity and sodicity issues
Surface and groundwater quality assessments
Technical references prepared for NSW Department of Local Government
Chemistry of domestic wastewater and effects upon soil.
Measurement of soil phosphorus sorption capacity
Many papers are available on this website at Publications

Lanfax Laboratories,   27 JULY 2020