Effluent Testing

Wastewater and Effluent Testing

By definition, WASTEWATER is contaminated water from any operation before it undergoes any form of treatment. The water may be contaminated with solids (soils, organic particles or inorganic particles), chemicals (even simple salts) or changed physical properties such as changes in temperature.

EFFLUENT is the out-flowing liquid from a wastewater treatment process, whether the treatment be primary, secondary or tertiary. 

Thus, before wastewater or effluent tests can be selected, both the source of the sample and the purpose of testing must be known.  Often regulatory authorities dictate the parameters to be analysed for licence compliance.  At other times, management requires monitoring of wastewater streams to determine the efficiency of treatment processes and as a mechanism to determine other potential uses, such as land application of effluent, irrigation of woodlots, irrigation of golf courses or playing fields.

Lanfax Labs are able to assist with the identification of appropriate one-off or monitoring program test procedures and advise on correct sampling techniques, sample preservation requirements and dispatch procedures.   Correct sample identification and transport are no less important than correct sampling techniques.

All wastewater streams offer an opportunity to reduce, remove or recycle either the contaminating chemicals or the water. Select the parameters to be analysed having clearly in mind the purpose of testing and the possible future uses of the water.

Lanfax Laboratories offer a consultative service in determining the most appropriate tests to meet your requirements and can tailor monitoring programs to meet those objectives.

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Typical wastewater programs include:

bulletDomestic effluent disposal:  analysis of septic tank,  aerated wastewater systems, small scale packaged treatment plants and other on-site systems to determine system efficiencies or potential for reuse (irrigation);
bulletSewage Treatment Works effluent - Lanfax Labs provide services to local authorities to determine system compliance with licence conditions, or to determine land use application management as well as assessments of monitoring programs;
bulletIntensive agricultural industries - cattle feed lots, piggeries, chicken raising enterprises;
bulletComposting processes - assessment of inputs to the composting process and determining the final product classification;
bulletLiquid Trade Waste - these tests determine the quality of the wastewater with respect to discharge to sewer; and
bulletIndustrial processes - determine efficiency of various processes, or determine opportunities for reuse or recycling.